Setting precedent since 1959

Unisearch is Australia’s leading and most established provider of expert opinion services.

Engaging with a Unisearch expert strengthens a case with well-reasoned, clearly communicated expert opinions that can withstand scrutiny.

Since 1959, plaintiff and defendant litigators, insurers, claims managers, loss adjusters and public sector agencies engage with Unisearch to source a suitably qualified expert with the required technical, professional or clinical experience to strengthen a case and withstand scrutiny.

Experts are drawn from Unisearch’s extensive, and often exclusive, knowledge bank. The panel comprises unrivalled academics and renowned industry leaders drawn from Australia’s leading universities, commercial enterprises and independent consultancies. Unisearch experts boast the highest level of qualifications, credentials, associations and affiliations in Australia, as well as access to NATA testing laboratories.

Unisearch is independent of any association. Expert opinions are impartial and unbiased.



Engaging Unisearch

Saves time: Engaging Unisearch saves time, relieves resources and increases efficiency and productivity.

Minimises risk: Unisearch conducts a complete vetting process prior to the recommendation of an expert (to include credentials, experience and reputation).

Increases confidence: Don’t be limited to your network. Unisearch sources experts from an extensive, and often exclusive panel drawn from Australia’s leading universities, commercial enterprises and independent consultancies.


“We have sought the assistance of the Unisearch team to find the appropriate expert for many cases involving personal injury, product liability and property damage claims for various insurer clients of the firm. Their understanding and knowledge of the litigation process, the requirements and obligations on experts for their reports to be used as evidence and sourcing and instructing the correct expert for cases has been of great assistance. We would recommend Unisearch to any lawyer who requires assistance in obtaining expert opinion in their practice.”

Leighton Hawkes, Principal, McCabe Curwood