Bespoke Expert Witness Training Workshops

For over 20 years Unisearch has delivered intensive training sessions to both new and experienced experts. The highly regarded sessions are designed to equip experts with the unique skills of testifying as an expert witness, and enhance the quality of the expert’s report writing as well as build their knowledge and confidence to perform in court scenarios.


Core components of the one-day bespoke expert witness training program are:

  • The expert's role in the court proceedings
  • The rules of evidence as they apply to the expert's opinion
  • Explaining the rules that govern your expressing opinions in a written report or by spoken evidence in the witness box
  • Exploring ways in which the well-prepared expert can succeed in the witness box
  • Report writing and communication skills
  • Suggestions on how to prepare a report that persuades
  • Court procedures to narrow the points of disagreement between opposing expert opinions
  • Understanding the aims and methods of examination and cross-examination
  • Explaining how and why the advocates ask questions at the hearing

Trainer | Hugh Selby

Hugh Selby, practising barrister and co-runner of the only Australian LLM that is focussed upon Criminal Practice, has been training advocates and witnesses for over 30 years. His authored and edited publications cover expert evidence, coronials, advocacy and appellate practice.


Fees are based upon the individual or group’s requirements, location and headcount.

Workshop location

Bespoke expert witness training workshops and one-on-one consultations can be held at the offices of Unisearch, a location of your choice or online.

“The course is a valuable tool for scientists and other professionals faced with court appearances. The session encompasses important issues such as how to address the court, how to respond to questions and what language to avoid. The course provided excellent advice on expert report writing and how not to confuse the court with jargon.”
Dr John Lewis, Toxicologist


"Expert training equips experts with the ability to set out the right evidence, using the right techniques, to produce the right results"

Hugh Selby, Barrister